Footnotes Source of Support: Nil Conflict of Interest: None decl

Footnotes Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None declared
Sir, Scientific literature is the primary medium for communicating novel research results and in fact, the realistic need make it clear to dispense scientific knowledge led to the tradition of writing the research papers. Various internet-based tools exist that support the retrieval of biomedical information using text mining. Quit strangely; in the recent past there have been an ever-increasing tendency to publish research work especially in trainees, practicing doctors, and academic professionals. Academic research is an integral part of post-graduate curriculum worldwide; however, this tendency evaporates soon after the theses submission. Even though, most of the research data seems to be congregated from research insisting dental teaching institutions.

[1,2] Across the globe and particularly in India, publication of the scientific research works in reputed journals has becoming a pre-requisite standard (set by Health Ministries and Councils) for promotion and appointments at various posts. It is also been considered now as a necessity for long-term job security and survival in the academic world. Those who belong to the basic sciences show their academic excellence by publishing the research in reputed national or international journals; however, the professionals from clinical specialties hunting for unusual rare case reports and clinical research involving patient data.[3] Nevertheless, it is quite possible to notice the mushrooming of the so called international journals based on original research, case report, reviews and letter to editors.

In addition, Brefeldin_A publishing in these journals has become a fascinating tradition among the faculties. However, the major portions of these submissions are the poorly designed and written studies executed just for the sake of publication. This actually led to an ever-increasing frustration in peer review process and constitutes one of the major reasons why the majority of reputed journals have very high rejection rate. For the commencement of any manuscripts; we usually need an introductory material, description of methodology, and depiction of discussion. So, here is the cross road that may possibly led the researcher to end up with either a genuine research work or just a cut/copy/paste of previously published literature.[4,5] Considering the overall scenario, it has now become more obvious why we are coming across an ever-increasing number of scientific misconduct cases day-to-day (Plagiarism, dual/multiple submissions, dual/multiple publications, ethical violations, self-plagiarism, and copyright violation).

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