Only through the endoscopists in cooperation with the ultrasound

Only through the endoscopists in cooperation with the ultrasound doctors to the integration of its advantages, the rational the use of medical resources, without increasing the the medical input, will be able

to find more effective in reducing the of PEG surgery the complications of and for surgical risk. It can be perform more convenient in the primary hospitals in China with high clinical value in use. Key Word(s): 1. PEG; 2. abdominal ultrasound; 3. enteral nutrition; Presenting Author: RAVINDRA SATARASINGHE Additional Authors: JAYEWARDENE RATHNAYAKE, SATHYAJITH AMBAWATTE, NAYOMISHERMILA JAYASINGHE, RAVI WIJESINGHE, PUBUDU DE SILVA, NARTHANI RASENDRAN Corresponding Author: RAVINDRA SATARASINGHE, NAYOMISHERMILA JAYASINGHE Affiliations: Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital Objective: To endoscopically evaluate the aetiology of dysphagia in adult Sri Lankans presented to a tertiary care hospital. Methods: Case notes of 2728 patients who

had undergone upper gastrointestinal endoscopy from 15th of February 2002 to 15th February 2013 in the principle author’s unit at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital, Kotte, Sri Lanka were retrospectively analyzed. Results: There were 148 dysphagics (5.4%) in the sample. Age range was 11 years to 95 years. Mean age of presentation was 62.2 ± 17.0 SD years. Sex distribution male: female was 1 : 1.3 with

a slight female predominance. The endoscopic findings were hiatus hernia, normal appearance, BIBW2992 non erosive GORD, oesophagitis, oesophageal malignancies and oesophagial candidiasis of 50.6%, 54%, 22.9%, 19.5%, 20.3% and 2% instances respectively with overlaps. Barrett’s oesophagus was found only in one patient. A post cricoid web was found with Plummer Vinson syndrome in another. Mean age of hiatus hernia patients was 60.0 ± 16.4 SD years and Sex distribution male: female was 1 : 1.2. Mean age of endoscopically normal patients was 65.2 ± 16.0 SD years. Sex distribution male: female was 2: 3. Mean age of non erosive GORD patients was 59.4 ± 17.1 SD years and had a sex distribution male: female of 1.3: 1. Mean age of oesophagitis 上海皓元医药股份有限公司 patients was 58.4 ± 18.0 SD years. Sex distribution male: female was 1: 1.3. Mean age of patients who has had oesophageal malignancies was 62.3 ± 11.8 SD years. Sex distribution male: female of 3: 2. Conclusion: Oesophageal malignancies as a cause of dysphagia were found in 1/5th in this cohort. The role of the hiatus hernia was unclear in the causation of dysphagia. Neuromuscular incordination could have played a major role in the endoscopically normal patients. Dysphagia as an indication for endoscopy was rare in this population. Key Word(s): 1. dysphagia; 2. endoscopy; 3.

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